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M2020 Traction La Bctia Inman Metabridge Spring
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Do you have a message that you want others to share? Unlock the power of social with one click. Kiwii enables your partners to click on one link and share all the tweets you want them to share.

“Kiwii increased our social traffic by 15X and created a massive buzz for Traction on Twitter. We had 40 partners onboard and they were sharing on average 10 times per month about our conference. We sold out our conference 45 days earlier than anticipated. I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Lloyed Lobo
Co-founder and Executive Producer of Traction Conference
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speaking to 600 attendees at Traction Conference
How does Kiwii work?

Create your social media campaign by adding the tweets you want others to share


Share the custom link with your cross-promotional partners or community


Measure the reach of your campaign and track where your clicks are coming from


“We run about 80 events per year at Launch Academy and we depend on our partners to spread the word. Since using Kiwii, our events have been selling out every single time. Kiwii really helped us tap into the power of our crowd.”

Ray Ray Walia, Co-founder and CEO of Launch Academy

“Kiwii has made our cross promotional social media campaigns effortless for our organizers, community partners and sponsors”

Sehra Sehra Bremner, Executive Director at Metabridge

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M2020 Traction La Bctia Inman Metabridge Spring

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